Throw a Successful Yard Sale

Successful Yard Sale

How to Throw a Successful Yard Sale Are you planning on getting rid of some of your old “junk”? A yard sell is the perfect idea for those who want to make a little cash getting rid of their stuff. … Continue reading

Adult Children Living at Home

Adult Children Living at Home

Adult Children Living at Home: Is Your Household Growing? According to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, 36 percent of adults ages 18 to 31 lived with their parents in 2012. Research also shows that these … Continue reading

Parenting the Second Time Around

Parenting the second time around

Parenting the Second Time Around: Nana’s Journey It must be decades before when grandparents had last heard long cries at night and tiring themselves to put their baby to sleep. Since more people now are working moms and dads, the parents … Continue reading

Going Through Divorce

Going Through Divorce

How You Can Help A Family Member That Is Going Through Divorce Learning that a family member or close friend is going through a divorce is never easy. Knowing what to do or say in this situation is even harder. … Continue reading

Oral Care Practices for Women

Oral Care Practices

Essential Oral Care Practices for Women Aged 50 and Above As one ages, teeth and gums tend to deteriorate, predisposing one to oral problems. That being said, the importance of having a superb oral care routine in place cannot be … Continue reading

Aging with Style

Aging with Style

Aging with Style: How to Stay Young without Trying too Hard Everyone wants to look, act, and feel youthful. But most of us don’t want to work too hard at staying young, we just want it to happen effortlessly. Here … Continue reading

Graduate School

Graduate School

The Next Step: Is Graduate School for You? You’ve walked across the stage, shaken the hand of the school’s president, and received your diploma in the mail. Or maybe you are a few short months away from those moments. Whatever … Continue reading

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Healthy Lifestyle Tips – How to Clean Up Your Act Every day, you hear about new foods or supplements that are purported to make you live a longer, healthier life. While some of these claims may be true to a … Continue reading

Staying Younger

Staying Younger Looking

Staying Younger Looking and Feeling Better Feeling good is a major key to looking younger. While adopting a healthy lifestyle and doing things naturally are great to help you look and feel your best, healthcare products also play an important … Continue reading

Retiring Early?

Retiring Early

Retiring Early? Know Your Insurance Needs   Women 50 and older need to begin thinking about their health insurance needs, especially if they’re considering early retirement. If you’re thinking about retiring sooner rather than later, then it’s important to have … Continue reading

Women’s Sweaters for Fall/Winter 2014


Getting The Best Women’s Sweaters for Fall/Winter 2014   The cold season has just started and any savvy individual in the business of women’s wear should be stocking up on all kinds of knitwear, especially women’s sweaters. There are many … Continue reading

Help Loved Ones Overcome Addictions

Help loved ones overcome addictions - Happy free Woman enjoying in Sea Sunset. Silhouetted against the sun

How To Help Loved Ones Overcome Addictions Without Overstepping Your Boundaries The only person who can overcome an addiction is the addicted person. As much as you want to be there to help and support a family member or a … Continue reading

Tanzanite Gems

Tanzanite Gems

Why Tanzanite Gems are a Must-Have Blue is all the rage on catwalks this year – both fashionista’s and people who simply love this colour will be pleased to know that there is a wealth of stunning gems featuring this … Continue reading

Choosing The Right Orthotics

Choosing the right orthotics

A Beginners Guide To Choosing The Right Orthotics Orthotics is a medical field that involves creating and fitting special devices that help people move better. Known as orthoses, these devices come in custom designs to suit the patient individual’s body … Continue reading

Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully - Happy Woman In 40S With Dogs

Aging Gracefully: Best Ways to Care for Your Body Aging is the ultimate irony of life. Many important achievements, career aspirations, successes, struggles, and even the failures dissipate. Not forgotten, merely replaced by more immediate concerns. Perhaps aging gracefully is … Continue reading