Not Ready to Be a Mom

When Your Daughter’s Not Ready To Be A Mom “Mom, I’ve got something to tell you.” The minute you hear your young daughter utter those seven ominous words, you know that the news will not be good. But still, nothing … Continue reading

Health Insurance Options for Women

Health Insurance Options For Women Who Plan On Retiring Early So, you’re bidding a not-so-teary-eyed, early farewell to the nine-to-five grind. Well, congratulations and a big high-five are definitely in order. But, before you embark on the next exciting chapter … Continue reading

Looking Younger

Aging and Keeping Your Skin Looking Younger

Aging and Keeping Your Skin Looking Younger No one has to know your real age if you keep your skin healthy and young looking. Let them think you are five or 10 years younger than you really are. Don’t worry … Continue reading

Turn to Neighbors

Turn to Neighbors

Turn to Neighbors When Your Home Needs Work Does your home need more attention than you can give it? Whether you are a widow whose husband took care of the home or a single woman who has handled all of … Continue reading

Entertaining and Informing Seniors

Entertaining and Informing Seniors

Entertaining and Informing Seniors the Modern Way While some people may think that many senior citizens just sit at home in their rocking chairs and whittle the day away that is so not true for countless older individuals. For many … Continue reading

Frugal Living

Frugal Living

Frugal Living: 5 Life Changes for those With a Fixed Budget Living on a fixed budget may be an optional step taken to help you reduce your debts or achieve financial goals for the future. Perhaps it is a necessity … Continue reading

Mid-Life Pains

Mid-Life Pains

Mid-Life Pains: How to Age with Health and Grace   As we grow older, our bodies begin to slow down. From stiffening joints, to inflamed muscles, there can be more pain and discomfort as you decline in years. Suddenly it … Continue reading

Life at Fifty

Life at Fifty

Begin Your Life at Fifty As adults reach their fifties, they can still enjoy a fruitful and happy lifestyle that they previously enjoyed when they were younger. When it comes to making their lives more meaningful and enjoyable, they can … Continue reading

Get Your Degree

Get Your Degree

 Make It Your Business to Get Your Degree If you are an older woman who has recently started your own internet business, you may be enjoying the flexibility and other benefits that come with it. While you have to work hard, … Continue reading


Budgeting for a Better Life

Budgeting for a Better Life Managing your finances as you grow older is not always a fun task on your to-do list, but it is essential. Utilize today’s technology to make it easier and even fun. With so many choices … Continue reading

Should You Continue Your Education?

Continue Your Education

Should You Continue Your Education? How to Decide Deciding whether or not you want to head back to school? Even though studying for tests and preparing oral presentations may have you shaking in your boots, there are certainly some benefits … Continue reading

Resolutions Women Over 50 Should Make

Resolutions Women over 50

7 Resolutions Women Over 50 Should Make for 2015 The New Year is almost upon us and soon it will be time to make some New Year resolutions. Resolutions are hard to keep but there are 7 resolutions that women … Continue reading

Travel Tips for Women

Travel tips for women

Travel Tips for Women 50 and Over For women in excess of fifty, travel can be exhilarating, testing, or actually alarming on the off chance that it’s your first experience! We are excited to have Phyllis Stoller, author of the … Continue reading

Car Maintenance Guide for Women

Car Maintenance Guide

No Nonsense Car Maintenance Guide for Women: Move Over Boys Women obviously drive cars just as often as men, but less often are they expected to know about their vehicle’s maintenance and repair. Truthfully, car maintenance is not quite as … Continue reading