Make Your House a Safer Place to Live

Make your home a safer place

Great Ways to Make Your House a Safer Place to Live In   Without a doubt, you have a number of safety equipment at home, like smoke detectors, handrails, and non-skid mats. Sure, these are great ways to make your … Continue reading

Womanly Pleasures

Womanly Pleasures of Bahrain - beach

Womanly Pleasures of Bahrain Nowadays, women are always pressed with a myriad of responsibilities allowing them little or no time for leisure. Therefore, when that opportunity presents itself it is imperative to make the best of it and visit awe-inspiring … Continue reading

Older Female Nurses

Older Female Nurses Bring Comfort to Patients

Older Female Nurses Bring Comfort to Patients Whether you’re delivering a baby, going in for a routine surgery or need extended long-term care, there are many advantages to having a female nurse that’s over 50 years of age. Currently, 55 … Continue reading

Dental Health Tips for Women Over 50

dental health tips for women over age 50

Dental Health Tips for Women Over 50 Though everyone knows that a warm smile makes you look years younger, you will also find that teeth that are in good condition make you look healthier and happier! If you are a … Continue reading

The Best Things a Women Must Carry While Traveling Alone

Menopause, Traveling alone

The Best Things a Woman Must Carry While Traveling Alone Traveling is one of the most worthwhile activities anyone can have in her entire lifespan. Visiting various locations while experiencing various cultures and getting to know new people, are just … Continue reading

Remedy for Back Pain

Back Pain

The Proven Remedy For Back Pain – Massage To relax. To de-stress. To enjoy a quiet time. These are just some of the reasons people go for a massage. No matter how busy they may be, they always manage to … Continue reading

Beauty Mistakes

Beauty Mistakes

4 Beauty Mistakes that Every 50+ Woman Should Avoid As we get older, we tend to improve in all sorts of ways, compared to when we were young. We’re more comfortable in our own skin, so we’re more confident and … Continue reading

Tree Lopping

tree Lopping

Tree Lopping: Its Effect on Tree Health One of the many ways of managing trees, especially in an urban area is to perform tree lopping. This is especially important if you are dealing with trees such as gum trees which … Continue reading

Senior Caregiver

Senior Caregiver

Take Care of Your Family: Eight Things to Look For In a Senior Caregiver If taking care of your aging loved one is becoming a burden, then you might consider hiring a caregiver. A caregiver can take care of tasks … Continue reading

Never Too Old to Learn

Never too old to learn

5 Activities You Are Never Too Old To Learn   Whatever your age, there are probably some things you think you’re simply too old to take on. It may indeed be too late for you to begin your professional ballet … Continue reading

Women Have Broken Sports Barriers

Sports Barriers - women in sports

Femme Fatale: Six Ways Women Have Broken Sports Barriers This Year As women become more active in sports, it's inevitable they will be able to shatter barriers once thought unattainable, and in 2014 many women have done just that. From … Continue reading