Why A Goose Is A Good Pet

Why A Goose Is A Good Pet; Affection, Helpfulness, And Security

Unless you live on a farm you probably haven't given a lot of thought to the idea of having a pet goose. But this article could change your mind. The reality is, a goose can be a great pet – at least according to information found online and according to some people that actually own some of the feathered creatures.

Your Goose Will Love You

If you started out having chickens and ducks as pets, then it would be natural to look for a pet goose – eventually. Baby goslings look cute and are fun to play with. They are different from chickens and ducks which make them a unique type of poultry. When it comes to relationships, geese are one of the birds that strongly identify with large caretaking creatures and accept them as their parents or wardens.

They will stick very closely to the person or other animal that takes care of them, even to the point that they will stop eating and run after that person if the individual attempts to leave them. The disadvantage is that the geese will follow you anywhere and everywhere you go and you will have difficulty hiding or getting away from them.

They are overly affectionate to their "parents" and will show their affection in different ways. They will chew on your hair, tuck themselves in your arms and legs, and even nibble on your clothes in an affectionate and childish manner.

A Goose Will 'Cut the Grass' For You

Geese enjoy eating grass and weeds and you should be careful where you bring them to graze as they might end up ruining your carefully tended lawn. However if you want a closely clipped lawn free of weeds, then the goslings can help you achieve that in a short time.

Goslings grow quickly and overtake other type of poultry very fast. They can adapt to different types of temperature faster than other poultry. For instance, chicks would need some form of heater to keep them warm until they grow to about two months whereas goslings can do without the heat when they become two days old.

Goslings spend their days outside chipping off the grass and eating the weeds. They deposit a lot of manure which are firmer than chickens and ducks. Since geese are vegetarians, their droppings make excellent compost. Geese are happy eating grass and do not have to be provided additional feed unlike chickens and ducks. In fact, they may even reject your offerings of feed and stick to the grass. You just need to have sufficient grass for them to graze contentedly.

Is A Goose Honk Better Than A Dog Bark?

One other benefit you can get from geese is their ability to serve as excellent watchdogs. They will honk loudly, flap their huge wings at any intruder, and hiss and attempt to bite any intruder who enters the premises. Their honking alone is loud enough to scare anyone and their attempts to bite will instantly make any intruder want to leave immediately. Their alertness can be difficult if not properly managed. Geese have to be raised with their understanding the household is their family and should not be treated as intruders. They also need an area where they can roam undisturbed and not inconvenience the household.

Should You Consider A Pet Goose?

It is best if you can have at minimum, 3 geese, so if you only have room for a single goose then it is probably not a good idea to consider a pet goose at this time. However, it seems that indeed, geese can make good pets. They are affectionate, full of personality, alert, responsive and very useful to have around. So if you have the space and time to devote to these pets, then why not? But be aware that geese have a life expectancy of about 20 years, so please plan for attending to their needs for a long time.

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