Unusual Uses For WD-40

The Amazing WD-40

WD-40 has become a common item in every household because of the many things it can do to make life at home more comfortable. The letters “WD’ stands for water displacement. It took 40 attempts before the researchers were successful, and so they placed the number 40 as part of the name. You can read this updated post that describes the origin of WD 40.

The product comes in various sizes of aerosol cans. It is intended to be a lubricant to make items move freely again, such as creaky door hinges, stuck zippers, and hard-to-open windows. However, based on experiences, it turns out this product is very useful for a lot of other things too. Here is a list of some ways that WD-40 can help you out around your house:

1. Has your child been writing with their crayons on the walls again? Just spray WD-40 on a soft clean cloth and wipe the marks off.
2. Sticky residue from transparent tape, duct tape, price stickers, or bandages can be removed by rubbing some WD-40 on it.
3. Spraying WD-40 into padlocks, house locks, and car door locks will make them operate smoothly and keep them from freezing in the winter time. Electric car antennas will also move freely in the icy weather.
4. Put a light coat of WD-40 on the blades of the scissors to keep them free from rust
5. If you have metal objects that are exposed to weather, such as wind chimes and garden tools, spray them regularly with WD-40 to keep them free from rust and corrosion.
6. Laundry stains, such as ink, blood, grass, or lipstick, can be removed by letting some WS-40 soak in the stained area for a few minutes. Be sure to wash the clothing afterwards.
7. You can keep your car clean with WD-40. Tar, grime, bugs, tree sap and other road goo can be removed fast and easy by rubbing WD-40 on the affected area.
8. During snowy weather, spraying your snow shovel liberally with the product will prevent snow and ice from sticking to the metal surface. In addition, your snow shovel won’t rust from winter moisture and salt.
9. Spraying your tangled necklaces and bracelets with WD-40 and rubbing them gently will free them very easily. It will also protect silver from tarnishing.
10. Aside from being a lubricant, it can be used to make things shiny and bright, such as vinyl dashboards, stove top, shoes, boots, baseball gloves, leather furniture, and even artificial house plants. It also keeps the items supple and soft.
11. Black scuff marks come up off the tile floor easily when you use WD-40 and a clean, soft rag.
12. Keep the strings of your stringed instruments, like guitars and violins, clean and lubricated.
13. If you are painting a door or window, lightly coat parts like doorknobs or other parts you don’t want painted with a thin coat of WD-40 to keep the paint from sticking.
14. It can also serve as a weed killer.
15. Rubbing the windshield wiper blades on your vehicle with a rag that was sprayed with WD-40 will help keep the rubber soft and supple, and keep them from sticking to the glass during the winter months.
16. Folks even spray it on their arms, hands, and knees to relieve arthritis pain.

Try experimenting. You might find some other uses for that amazing WD-40.

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