The 5 Things Women Want For Valentine’s Day

Top 5 Things Women Want For Valentine's Day

Men everywhere, young and old alike, are scrambling to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for their sweethearts. Little do they know that the things women want for Valentines' Day really isn't a big secret.

There are always some old standbys that can be counted on for a smile and a hug. For instance, females always appreciate the thought of a card or thoughtful letter. When you put romantic words on paper we can read them again and again to remind us of how much you love us. We know we are loved when we receive something as unique as a Timeless Message that's Romantic,Intriguing, and Mysterious — a
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But there are lots of other things women want and appreciate for Valentines' Day. Here's a list of things that will get you started on your way to pleasing almost any woman:

1. Women want to know that (they are worth) spending time with them is fun – and they want at least some of that time to be romantic – especially on Valentine's Day.

2. And yes, what you've heard is true, one of the things women want to receive from men they love is jewelry. It makes us feel good to receive it and it makes us feel good when we wear it. It doesn't have to be a ring and it doesn't have to be expensive – it can be an anklet, a pair of earrings, a bracelet or a necklace. Whatever it is we will treasure it.

3. When it comes to special occasions one of the things women want is flowers. We like having them delivered to us at the office or at our home and we feel special when our significant other hand delivers them. There's just something about beautiful flowers that makes us feel wonderful.

4. A wonderful fragrance. Women love to smell good so a gift of perfume or perhaps a bath set is perfect. And depending on your relationship you might even add a gift of lingerie.

5. This list would not be complete without adding a box of candy. Let's face it, over the years a beautiful box of candy has come to be a sort of Valentine's Day icon.


Teddy bears make great gifts for Valentine's day – they can be used to 'deliver' smaller things like jewelry, or even thoughtful love letters. And that is another idea – well-written poems and letters that truly express your feelings. The good news is – you don't have to be a writer to give a letter that will be treasured forever! Checkout 'Messages In A Bottle' from Timeless Message – The Most Romantic way to say I LOVE YOU! on the web! CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO LEARN MORE…..

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The Things Women Want

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