Reboot Your Wardrobe

How to Reboot Your Wardrobe on a Budget

Reboot Your Wardrobe on a BudgetAre you in a clothing rut? Have you lost your sense of style? It’s such a horrible feeling when you open the doors to your wardrobe, stare at all the clothes and realise you have nothing to wear. Let’s face it, it’s something that most women have gone through at one time or another. Maybe you’ve put on weight, or lost some. Maybe nothing seems to fit anymore. You might have neglected to buy yourself much in the way of new clothes for a while. Hands up all the moms with young kids! Remember those leisurely lunches and shopping sprees before you had kids? Yep, they, see, you DO remember! Even if they are but a dim and distant memory. If this is the case, it might just be that the contents of your closet might be past their best, worn out or with little repairs needed.

So how do you reboot your wardrobe without breaking the bank? Well, it’s not difficult!

Sort your closet out!

First of all, you’ve got to work out what’s you’re keeping and what you’re clearing from your closet. Sometimes, we just cram so much stuff into our wardrobes we think we haven't got anything to wear, but that’s only because we can’t actually see it. Make three piles. One pile for anything you’re definitely not going to wear anymore and another for stuff you definitely want to keep. Then make a third – all the stuff that you’d like to keep but needs work, or doesn’t fit right. There are things you can do to fix that or upcycle them for other uses!

Get the marks out!

If you no longer wear some of your clothes because they have stains, it’s time to treat them! Use a good stain removal pretreatment product to help lift any stubborn marks. You can save time by leaving them to soak while you put away the items that you're holding on to that don’t need any TLC. A tidy closet is a tidy mind or something like that! Hang them up in an order that makes sense to you, maybe in groups of clothing type or colour. It’s a much smoother experience getting ready in the morning when you can see at a glance what clothes you have at your disposal.

Don’t keep them out!

Wash out stains with soap and launder them properly. Now, there are three parts to laundry, and so many people avoid the third part. That’s why so many of us have floordrobes. The three parts of laundry are as follows: washing, drying and PUTTING IT AWAY. Lots of us could be found guilty of falling at the last fence on that one. SO make it a resolution from right now. Put your stuff away. You'll be far more organised, and less cluttered, too.

Time to sort it out!

Now it’s time to look at your problem items. Have a close inspection and work out what you need to do. If it’s small repairs that can be fixed with a needle and thread, then that’s a piece of cake to fix up. If it’s a bigger rip or tear, you might need to make a patch to make good the fabric.
Let it out?

What about items that are too big? You can take them in or repurpose them to give a little more oomph to your wardrobe. T-Shirts can be cut down for a tighter fit, or you can cut the neck off to make shoulderless shirts. They can look really cute! If hems need taking up, or you’re thinking about lengthier sewing jobs, you might want to use a sewing machine to save yourself time. If you don’t know where to start looking for a sewing machine, then you want to make sure you buy one which will last. This Brother se400 review shows that it could be an ideal machine for a beginner, but with enough features to produce a quality finish. If you use cheap equipment, the finished product always looks cheap too.

Don’t hang out all over!

If some of your clothes are too small, then be realistic. If you’ve not fitted into it since you were a teenager, it’s pretty unlikely you will again. Although it might hurt, be ruthless. Even if you have put on a few pounds, squeezing into clothes that are too tight is not going to make you look slimmer. In fact, it will have entirely the opposite effect. Clothes that fit you properly will always make you look thinner than clothes that make you bulge out all over the place. You’ll feel much more confident if you dress for the shape you are now rather than the one you were ten years ago! Save any clothes that are too small for making patches to fix some of your clothes that need bigger repairs.

Don’t throw them out….

If you’ve got any items that you don’t want any more but are too good to cut up, then why not sell them? Selling unwanted stuff on eBay can make you some cash! If that all seems like too much hassle to package them up and post them off, then advertise them for collection only. There are lots of handy free local sites where you can buy and sell stuff, even on Facebook. Local listings increase your chance of a nearby sale. Don’t have time for all that? Donate them to charity. Your offcast could help people in need. Your donation will help keep your closet clutter free and give you the chance to help a charity! It’s definitely win/win. What’s not to love?

Over and Out.

Once you’re all done, treat yourself! Have a bath, put your feet up, and have satisfaction in a job well done. You might find you need some new clothes. This needn’t cost a fortune Try thrift stores or second-hand sites online. Try not to think second hand if you don’t like it – let’s call them pre-loved! You can get some fantastic bargains and pay just a fraction of what they’d cost new. And no one will know if you don’t tell them! Look smarter for 2016 – make your wardrobe wonderful in 2016!

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