Personal Growth and Self-Acceptance

Personal Growth through Self-Acceptance

Most people are familiar with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. This is the pyramid that depicts the needs of humans – which moves from basic needs for survival to the higher needs that include personal growth and self-acceptance. This is a humanistic approach to psychology.

About Self-Acceptance and Empowerment

If you ever choose to work with a personal growth coach you can be sure that the 'hierarchy of needs' will be referenced. In this model self-esteem is considered to be vitally important. In addition, self-acceptance is considered essential. This includes an acceptance of our weaknesses as well as an acceptance of our strengths. As strange as it may sound, accepting our weaknesses is one way to empower ourselves. Therefore, self-acceptance can help to empower women.

Self-Actualization and Personal Growth

What is self-actualization? In simple terms, it is the process or journey of reaching your full potential. People that reach this level have certain personality traits that many other people do not possess. For example, these individuals may be on a quest for truth and justice, and they likely seek goodness and meaningfulness in life and in others.

Self-Acceptance; How Personal Growth Fits In

Personal growth occurs after we have met our basic survival needs. At that time, we are better prepared to make conscious efforts to achieve the higher levels listed in the hierarchy of needs. This includes achieving higher and healthy levels of self-esteem and self-acceptance. From there we can move forward to work on accomplishing even higher levels – this includes working to discover and embrace our deeper creative and spiritual needs.

If you accept the 'Personal Growth Movement' theories, the goal is to reach these higher levels. At that point you will not only have met all the basic human needs, but you will also have achieved levels that serve to empower you in deeply meaningful ways. Personal growth leads to self-acceptance which in turn results in more personal growth and the cycle continues in a positive way.

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