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Paranormal – Are You A Believer?

Not so long ago an admission of ‘belief’ in the paranormal or supernatural would an invitation for ridicule. In recent times however that has changed. Many of us visit psychics and/or have experienced some form of paranormal phenomena.

Perhaps the acceptance of such activity has been a result of popular TV series such as “Ghost Hunters” and “Paranormal State” or perhaps the shows are popular because of the acceptance. Whichever came first really does not matter as much as the fact that as a society we are willing to acknowledge the fact that strange things do occur and only some of them can be logically explained.

More and more people are now willing to share their stories. There are many among us that seek out locations that are said to be ‘haunted’ or hint at the supernatural. Investigations into such places and activities often provide real evidence that can be documented. Does the evidence provide proof of ghosts, etc.? Perhaps not, but it does provide evidence that something strange is happening and that a logical explanation could not be found.