Our Dirty Little Secrets

Our Dirty Little Secrets

All of us have something about our past or present – something that is tucked away out of view from others that we are not so proud of. For some of us it may be as simple as an untidy home. For others, it may be that they are hoarders that can barely walk from one end of their home to the other.

Of course our dirty little secret may have to do with something far more sinister. It could be that we live or have lived a secret life of crime. Or perhaps it is that we have cheated on our taxes or that we simply find ways to cheat others when we play games.

Many adults carry with them secrets about their childhood – often this relates to an abusive past or parents that have caused the family disgrace in some way. And many of us live with secret obsessions, addictions and or disorders, fearful that others will somehow find out.

Lying and cheating are common among the dirty secrets that we keep. Some of us are compulsive liars. Even when there isn't a valid reason to tell a lie it may just seem to come naturally – and the guilt felt is likely to be almost immediate.

Affairs can lead to lots of lies and secrets.

While the things mentioned are considered negative traits they are part of what makes us who we are. The problem is, in order to grow and move forward we need to acknowledge and explore our 'secrets' so we can deal with them.

Every facet of our life has an impact on the person that we are and that we become. When we take the time to understand the various elements that have come together to make us who we are we can better appreciate our past.

Then we can come to terms with some of those things that we have kept as 'dirty little secrets' and address them in a positive way. This allows us to move forward and our dirty secrets do not haunt us as before.


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