Menopause And Divorce

Menopause And Divorce –

Do They Go Together?

Menopause and Divorce - Do they go toether? - The Things Women Want Menopause and perimenopause comes along in our 40s and usually ends in our early 50s. The symptoms vary from one woman to another but in general we all suffer with hot flashes, night sweats, irregular periods, loss of libido, and vaginal dryness.

Of course there are countless other changes that we go through that can also be unpleasant or make us unpleasant to be around. One of those being mood swings. Memory lapses are common and so is weight gain. With all of this going on it’s not surprising that depression and anxiety can be a problem.

Some women begin having problems with incontinence. Irritability and difficulty concentrating can also be a problem. And during this time divorce rates can go up.

Let’s face it, many men are not as understanding as we would like them to be about this phenomenon. Some of them expect us to simply adjust to the changes we are going through and to continue having sex as usual and to ‘enjoy’ it as much as ever.

But with all the changes we are going through it is much more than just what is happening in bed that is having an impact on our psyche. We are feeling overwhelmed with issues.

Sex may become very unimportant on our list of priorities. This of course, can cause a lot of frustration to our husband, boyfriend, partner, etc. and feelings of neglect, hurt, anger or even suspicions of an affair can develop. In turn we feel misunderstood and hurt or angry.

It’s no wonder that real problems develop and divorces increase – even after years of marriage. Women may decide it is time to redefine themselves and their partners may look for someone new – someone that can meet their needs.


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