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Make A Homemade Weed Killer Solution

Homemade Weed Killer Solution - The Things Women WantUnless you have a gardener that tends to your garden and lawn care needs you are probably bothered with the task of trying to minimize or eliminate the weeds in your landscape. The good news is you can make your own weed killers using common household products that you probably already have.

The Things Women Want strives to include home remedies for a variety of things – these solutions are intended to be convenient and to save you money. The homemade weed killers you are about to discover definitely fit that criteria.

Bleach As a Weed Killer

Add bleach to a spray bottle and spray on the weeds you want to kill. After about 3 days the bleach chemicals will evaporate and the area will be safe for planting. Keep in mind that bleach will kill any plant – so you may want to use a spray shield to prevent over-sprays (see below). Another option is to make your own weed sprayer dabber, which puts you in control of where your weed killer goes. CLICK HERE for detailed instructions.

Boiling Water for Killing Weeds

Believe it or not, just simple boiled water can be effective as a homemade weed killer. In essence, the boiling water acts to ‘cook’ the plant in the ground. But be careful – boiling water is not selective in what it cooks. In other words, it will cook your beautiful flowers along with weeds. However, if you have weeds that come up in cracks in your patio, driveway, or through gravel, boiling water may be an ideal solution.

Corn Meal as a Weed Killer

From what I’ve learned, corn meal is not really a weed killer, but it can stop weed seeds from developing. To use this weed killing method you should scatter corn meal around an area to keep any seeds from growing into plants. The important thing to note again is, this method will prevent all seeds from developing.

Rubbing Alcohol as an Effective Homemade Weed Killer

Rubbing alcohol has a drying effect – basically it works to draw out the moisture in the plant. That means it is taking away what the plant needs to survive. Ideally you will spray the rubbing alcohol on the weed, being careful of other plants in the area.

Salt – An Easy Home Remedy Weed Killer

Salt will not only kill the weeds – it will also make the ground unsuitable for future plant growth. This can be ideal for gravel driveways or even for cracks in a sidewalk. Just be aware that the salt will keep vegetation away for months, which is wonderful when it comes to weeds, but terrible for everything else.

Vinegar as a Weed Killer

Vinegar is effective at killing the leaves on the weeds (as well as other plants), but it usually does not kill the root. However, if you use vinegar repeatedly on a thriving weed the plant will eventually deplete its reserves of stored energy and die.

How to Make an Over-Spray Barrier – Use With Homemade Weed Killer Solutions

Because the weed killer solution will not be selective in the plants it ‘attacks’ it will be up to you to protect the ones you want to preserve. There are different methods you can use and I’m sure there are ready-made over-spray barriers available, but you can easily make your own barrier to use with these home remedy weed killer solutions.

You will need empty 2 liter soda bottles and scissors. Depending on the weed you are killing and the area it is in you will need to cut the bottle in one of these two ways:

Method 1:

Cut out the bottom of the bottle if you can fit the bottle over the weed and use the bottle top to spray into. This will contain all of the spray and mist from your homemade weed killer solution.

Method 2:

Cut out the front third of the bottle and the bottom. This allows you to use the bottle as a true shield to protect other plants. Just use the bottle to ‘wrap’ around the weed you intend to kill with the homemade weed killer. The plastic will stop over-spray from drifting onto other plants.

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