If you are like most women you are juggling work, family, and trying to fit in some personal time. Although it’s not easy to do you somehow manage to keep up with the work and family but personal time is hard to find.

Then you may read about or even have friends that seem to have the techniques mastered – they have this down to an artform! They can work, take great care of their family, and still find time for themselves. They never seem to be stressed out, their energy is high and their lives are on track…….here’s the good news, you can do it too!

Getting organized seems to be the key to having it all. Now before you begin worrying that getting organized will mean even more stress I want you to relax. I have gathered some easy tips you can put to work immediately to help you with this endeavor.

Start by checking out the area by your phone, mail and calendar/datebook. This can be your center for making things happen on schedule. But if the area is a mess it just doesn’t work. So organize that area first. Get in the habit of going through your mail as it is received. If you are like me you will find that at least half of it is junk and can immediately be tossed. Develop a system for the rest, which presumably is important. Some will be account statements and others may be bills that you need to pay. File what is necessary and either pay the bills as they arrive or once again, develop a system for them.

In the same area you should have a place to keep your keys and a charger for your cell phone.

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At the start of each day your organization should begin before you even get out of bed. Take a moment to consider what tasks are essential for that day. Then consider all the things you have to be grateful for.

When you begin the day with a positive attitude things are more likely to fall into place. But don’t chance it. Make a realistic schedule for your day. Begin with the essentials and then add in the things you will do if you have time for them. Factor in at least 20 minutes per day for your personal time.

We are fortunate to live in a time that communication with business associates, friends and loved ones is so readily available. But at the same time that is an advantage it can also be draining. Realize that you do not have to answer your phone everytime it rings. Program in the important people in your life and screen your calls.

Emails can consume a lot of time. Designate no more than 3 or 4 times per day that you will check and answer emails.

The step to getting organized is making a few lists: the first should list things that can be completed in 15 minutes or less, then one of tasks that require up to 30 minutes, another for tasks requiring up to an hour and another for time-consuming tasks. Be sure to include household tasks as well as family activities and personal fun things. The important thing about lists is that even if you don’t actually use them the process of writing things down will help you remember them. But the real purpose of making lists is to use them.

When you have a spare 15 minutes use that particular list to find something productive or fun to do. The same is true of the other lists.

Another way to get organized is to learn to say no. How many times have you accepted invitations to functions that you really did not want to attend – you knew the time should be spent doing something else – and in addition, you would have saved money if you had not attended? Another example of times to say no is when you are asked to take on something additional. Be ready to say that you appreciate being thought of but at the moment you really could not give the responsibility the attention it deserves. Remember that when you say no to someone you are saying yes to yourself.