Fruits and Vegetables

The Things Women Want - Fruits and VegetablesFruits and Vegetables – Combined They Are Magical…

The Department of Agriculture recommends a daily consumption of about 12 servings of fruits and vegetables. Based on their studies, this is the estimated amount to meet our daily nutrient requirements. It is not a choice of either fruits or vegetables but rather a combination of both.

The Combined Effect

Fruits and vegetables work together to bring out the best nutrients from each produce. For instance, spinach is rich in iron and goes well with orange juice. Orange juice enhances absorption of iron into the body. This is especially beneficial for women who lack iron.

Fruits with vegetables are known to decrease the risks of heart diseases and diabetes. Some other produce, like tomatoes, broccoli and tomato juice can slow down or prevent the possibility of cancer. Tomatoes have lycopene which has been known to be effective against prostate cancer. Broccoli on the other hand can lower the risk of colorectal and stomach cancer.

Fruits and vegetables together make a good combination for people who routinely eat diet meals. They both have little fat and a great deal of fiber which gives the sensation of satiation. They do not have many calories. Eating a diet meal of fruits with vegetables will give you a full and satisfied sensation.

Fruits and Vegetables

There are a lot of combinations that go with the different produce. Don't restrict yourself to a select group of vegetables. Each combination can give you a different lift in energy. It is important to eat a variety of vegetables since each produce provides different nutrients. You can make the fruits and vegetables mixture more exciting and interesting by combining different colors. Vegetables can be colorful. You can try blending them and coming up with a different color design.

Fruits too have their own set of colors which can look very appealing. It takes away the boring feeling from eating the same vegetables and fruits daily. The precise type of fruits and veggies you should take daily will depend on your required calorie intake.

Although there are standard recommended calories based on studies and tests, it is better if you consult with your physician on the exact amount for your health requirements. Do not consume a lot of the same nutrients. Check what produce gives the same type of nutrient and limit those fruits and vegetables to what you need.

Fresh, Canned, or Packaged Fruits and Vegetables

If there is no fresh produce available, you can try the canned or packaged types. The amount of nutrients will vary from the fresh variety. Check the labels on the package to determine the amount and type of nutrients contained in the package. Eating fruits and vegetables makes a good combination for a healthy diet meal. It is also better than taking supplements and vitamins.

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