Escape Winter Weather

Where To Travel To Escape Winter Weather

Winter can be a total drag. The winter weather conditions seemed designed to cause you constant discomfort. Some days the sky erupts and pours cold rainwater on to the earth so there’s nowhere you’re safe from getting soaked from head to socks. Other days the fresh snow blocks in your car, leaves your clothes uncomfortably wet, and often makes you late to everything. If you have the vacation days or are looking for a warmer climate to hold a hen party with your best girlfriends, there are places some warm destinations spots to escape to this winter. Here are the best locations to hide out, while winter continues to ravage everybody back home. Winter1

Costa Rica

While you’re friends and family are still complaining about the ice cold winter winds, you can be sitting under the sun on a white sand beach, sipping a cold fruity drink, and staring at the gorgeous blue ocean. If you’ve brought along your most adventurous girlfriends, you can go scuba diving, bungee jumping, or explore ancient caves. However, if you’re with a more laid back group, the spas in Costa Rica can’t be beat.

Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, there’s no end to the things you can do and all without worrying about the cold weather destroying your plans. Art lovers will enjoy strolling through the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires or even discovering the treasured art work on the walls all over the neighborhood, Palermo. Night owls are sure to adore the night life of Buenos Aires, including Gran Bar Danzon and one of the many open-late cafes.


Since winter is often seen as the off-season for Hawaii, there’s no better time to get a great deal on hotels, airfare, and activities. Those who enjoy ocean life will love taking water cruises to take in the sights of whales, dolphins, and other amazing water animals. Where else can you get to hike on an actual volcano? Surfing on the clear blue ocean water is another option. Whatever your interests are, there’s plenty to choose to do in Hawaii.


Sydney, Australia may be home to one of the best beaches in the world, Bondi Beach, where swimming, surfing, and sunbathing are the norm, but Sydney has plenty more to do. Theater connoisseurs are sure to want to visit the world famous Sydney Opera House or see one of the groundbreaking shows by the Sydney Theater Group. If all else fails, you and your best girlfriends can go to one of the many shopping centers, such as Queen Victoria Building and The Strand Arcade. Winter2

Dominican Republic

As if escaping the winter weather in favor of one of the many Dominican Republic beaches wasn’t awesome enough, there are also activities designed to make people with all different interests happy. The adventurous types will love swimming with the sharks or zip-lining through the stunning Punta Cana forest. Then when night arrives, you can dance and drink at one of the many bars and discos available. Whether you’re just looking to take a few of your vacation days or looking for a girls’ getaway for a birthday or hen party,these locations will ensure you don’t experience the negative effects of winter weather. While your loved ones are freezing back home, you can be living it up in the sun.

Maxine Wells is a freelance writer for Red7 and has contributed to several travel blogs. While she loves living in Southern California where it's always warm and sunny, some winters she loves to escape to exotic beaches and take in some beachy scenery.

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