Body Image Role Models For Curvy Women

Body Image Role Models For Curvy Women

A new generation of body image role models

Historically women’s bodies have always been an object of affection and admiration. A powerful tool at our disposal with which we can seduce, empower, bring new life and nurture. In many civilisations and past times, women with voluptuous curves were revered, painted, worshipped even –so what’s happened? Why now do so many women find themselves forced into despising their shape and spending their lives battling to change their natural assets?

Nikki Blonsky, Beth Ditto, Adele, America Ferrera, Sara Ramirez, Amber Riley, Jennifer Hudson, and Ashley Graham-what do they all have in common? They have all been referred to as ‘plus sized’ and they are all confident with their bodies regardless of the labels given to them by the media.

Loving your body-that’s what a healthy body image is all about. One of the things us women want most in the world is not only for our body to be loved by another, but to be able to love our body ourselves. Body image in the media isn’t exactly geared towards helping us do this, with a constant bombardment of celebrity pictures with shock exclamations of weight gain and ‘piling on the pounds’ when they have merely dared to wear a bikini after a large meal.

There is hope-a group of new generation celebrities are flying the flag for the beautiful curvy women of this world and setting a great example for young women everywhere.

A star who never fails to inspire is Glee actress Amber Riley. The curvy beauty not only has an amazing voice, but a gorgeous womanly figure and the confidence to go with it. Recently photographed for Essence magazine’s Black Women in Hollywood issue, Amber looks every bit the glamorous fashionista and sites fellow curvy beauty Chaka Khan as her inspiration.

Amber Riley

Across the pond is Adele, who is making a big impact all over the world with her sultry tones and effortless retro style. At only 23 she is touring her second studio album and proving that plus size women can even sell fashion magazines-becoming one of British Vogue’s most popular cover girls in their Englishwoman issue. Never one to buckle under pressure, Adele has maintained her figure and been determined to be herself in an industry saturated with contrived acts-winning her fans across the globe.

Adele - Vogue

These young women and many others like them are creating such a great body image for young girls worried about not being naturally thin. It’s obviously still important to advocate the importance of a healthy lifestyle, but these girls are showing that some women are just naturally curvy, that’s the way it is and it’s not a crime. They are sassy, sexy, talented and beautiful women who are showing us all how to love yourself whatever your shape and accept your body for what it is-amazing!

Author bio: Sophie Oldridge is part of the team at Ample Bosom, one of the UK's leading lingerie suppliers.

Amber Riley photo credit – Essence Magazine

Adele Photo credit- British Vogue/Solve Sundsbo


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