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The Things Women Want - Bitter FoodsBitter Foods – Include Bitterness In Your Diet For Improved Digestion***

From bitter foods to those that are sweet, various food choices offer different tastes. We have seven basic tastes but we are sensitive to five. The sensitive tastes are sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami, which is a savory type of taste. The other two tastes which we are not too sensitive on are astringent and pungent.

The Yin And Yang Of Chinese Cooking

Chinese cooking does not take into consideration umami. It includes pungent instead in their food tastes. The sour and bitter flavoring is subtly blended with the other tastes to make the food more delicious.

Chinese people always try to balance nature through the yin and yang forces. They consider pungent and sweet as yin while salty, sour and bitter foods are yang. You have to eat food that has different flavors to maintain a balanced diet. It can be a single food that contains all the flavors or different viands, each with single or combined flavors.

The Chinese relate these flavors to five important organs; namely heart, lungs, gallbladder, spleen and kidneys. The diet is exact if we eat food that contains the five flavors that conform to the body organs. Processed food does not provide all the nutrients because it takes away chemicals which are astringent and bitter. Most of the food we eat is sweetish, salty or contains fat since this is mostly what our tastes look for.

The Bitter Facts – You Need Bitter Foods In Your Diet

We need a certain amount of bitterness in our diet meals. Natural coffee which is strong and unsweetened can be bitter. You should not add milk, sugar and other condiments to the coffee so you can savor the bitterness of the coffee brew. Chocolate is also naturally bitter. There are various brands of bitter chocolate available in the marketplace. The dark chocolate will give you the best bitter flavor.

Adding bitter herbs in your tea and food will provide you with the additional bitter flavor that is most often lacking in many viands. Try steaming your kale with a little bit of wine vinegar to give the vegetable salad some added sweetness and bitterness. It will make your vegetables more tasty and flavorful.

Bitter foods and foods enhanced with bitterness can help improve your digestion and make the digestive system more robust. The stimulated gallbladder can release bile into the system. Bile helps in the digestion of fatty food. Other digestive juices can be stimulated to flow through other parts of the body, like the pancreas and liver. All these digestive juices work together to enhance the digestive process.

When you emit gases, like burps, your body is in the process of digesting food. Bitter foods that provide the taste of bitterness induce digestive juices to start reacting in the stomach. Do not disguise the bitterness in the food with other condiments. The bitter flavor can enhance your health.

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