The Things Women Want – They Unite Us In Sisterhood

The Things Women Want is designed for women – it covers topics that women care about. This website was established in November, 2010 – it is the official home of the online magazine for women, ‘The Things Women Want‘. While we all know that women want things that make them feel pretty and special, there are so many other things in life. Of course we enjoy jewelry, but we love to love and be loved. Good health, happiness and love help to fulfill the needs and wants of all of us.

Women cannot be stereotyped because we are all unique and very different. But it can be said that we are united in sisterhood by such things as a desire to be happy and to feel that we help make others happy. Whether your idea of the perfect gift is a sparkling diamond ring or a beautiful sterling silver, or it happens to be a heartfelt message on a card from a loved one, we can all agree that women are loving and powerful beings that deserve to be happy.

The Things Women Want is designed to provide an exclusive shopping experience as well as information about things that matter to women. You will find articles about everything from work at home opportunities, to posts about topics related to adoption and family relationships to tips about financial matters, home decor, DIY projects, recipes, home remedies, and many, many other topics.

There’s something for everyone here, and baby boomer women especially, are sure to find countless posts of interest. Take your time and look around. We hope you will enjoy the site and will make this a place you visit often!

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This site is designed to grow over time – it will discuss things that the typical woman is interested in. Through our sisterhood we will share and grow and learn. On one level or another it seems the things women want are similar.

The Things Women Want works to provide informative and entertaining articles that cover topics women care about – a central focus is to empower women in whatever way possible. Comments and suggestions that will help guide the on-going development of the site are welcome. Your feedback will help guide the growth of this site in a positive direction.

When it gets down to the fundamentals of life we are all the same – we just want to be happy. We want good health, happiness, prosperity and love. But on the surface there are so many other things that go into making us who we are. Maybe they are superficial things – things like beauty, clothing and jewelry, the home we live in, whatever; but nonetheless, these things do have an impact on who we are and how we behave.

The things women want – we want the basics in life but we want more – we want all that and so much more…