20 Ideas For Cheap Christmas Gifts

20 Ideas For Cheap Christmas Gifts

All of us deal with financial issues – some of us are struggling just to keep our homes. But regardless of how your financial status is – there's no need to spend money needlessly. Christmas is a time to give, but inexpensive gifts can be great too. And this concept also applies to other gift-giving occasions and events. This article will provide ideas for cheap Christmas gifts – but the truth is, these gifts can be perfect!

If you are a crafty person you can easily create all or some of the gifts you give. And handmade items are unique – they are special because it is obvious that you 'put a bit of yourself' into the gift. Cheap or inexpensive gifts can be 'prettied up' by placing them in an attractive – but inexpensive basket or other container. Or you can be creative in the way you wrap the gift – add a nice bow and small trinket and you will have a gift you are proud to hand to a friend or loved one.

Some ideas for trinkets to add include things that are useful as well as decorative. For instance, you could add refrigerator magnets, thimbles, fishing lures, golf tees, glue sticks, etc. You are really only limited by your imagination. And when you attach small trinkets to the gift, your gift not only looks great, but it actually becomes two gifts in one!

When you work on ideas for Christmas gifts – go a step further – consider ideas for cheap Christmas gifts. Start your planning by focusing on the recipient of the gift. Consider the person's likes and dislikes. If you know the things they enjoy and are interested in, you might want to focus on that. For example, if the person plays golf, you can consider giving golf balls, a golfing towel, golf tees, etc. And if the recipient happens to love to crochet you might consider giving crochet hooks, yarn or other related items.

Here's a list of some ideas – keep in mind that you can present these in creative ways – and if you can afford it, you can easily create gift baskets from many of these suggestions.

1) Stationary set and a nice pen
2) Bottle of wine, champagne, or sparkling cider
3) Gourmet coffee, Herbal tea, and or cocoa mixes – along with a nice mug
4) Journal
5) Pretty bowl full of pistachios or other nuts and a decorative scoop
6) Fruit & Cheese basket – purchase items from your deli
7) Basket filled with gourmet jams and condiments
8) Gourmet chocolates
9) Collection of magazines or puzzle books
10) Board game(s)
11) Jigsaw puzzles
12) Craft kits and or supplies
13) Gourmet popcorns in a popcorn server dish
14) Pretty covered glass container filled with candy or nuts
15) Lottery scratch offs
16) Kitchen gadgets/utensils
17) Decorative keepsake box
18) Special Christmas ornament(s)
19) House slippers
20) Bath oils, bubble bath, sponges, etc.

As you can see, there is something on that list of cheap Christmas ideas that will work for just about anyone. As mentioned, it is often the presentation that makes a gift 'appear' more expensive than it really is.

The more creative you are in the way you wrap and display the gift, the more proud you will be of it. And when you think about it – the point of gifts is showing you care. Coffee drinkers will definitely appreciate the opportunity to try gourmet coffee in a new mug. Chocolate lovers will love your thoughtfulness in giving them chocolates they ordinarily may not buy.

You can get even more gift-giving ideas, tips about holiday decorating and ways to make Christmas special at the Santa Letter Factory.

Most people would appreciate some of these ideas for cheap Christmas gifts. The reality is, the amount you spend on the gift is not what counts – it's whether you take the time to give a gift that will be appreciated.


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